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Artificial Grass For-Sale

Do you need artificial turf grass materials for your residential, commercial, municipal, military or custom project? JoGo Equipment is the leading manufacturer of artificial grass in the United States. All of our discount artificial turf supplies comes with the industry best 10 year warranty. You can use turf grass for lawns, pets, patios, roof-tops, recreation, sports and playground projects. Artificial grass is a widely accepted alternative to real grass and has numerous health and safety benefits. Contact our award winning artificial turf grass company today.

Artificial Bermuda Grass

Bermuda artificial turf grass is a popular choice for consumers that need fringe and chipping turf grass material. This grass product is designed for golf activity and lawns.

Artificial Bent Grass

Bent grass is a quality artificial turf engineered for golf and putting green projects. You can use this artificial turf grass product indoor or outdoor. Our turf grass was recently ranked #1 by the USGA.

Artificial Kentucky Blue Grass

Artificial kentucky blue grass is a widely used turf grass product for lawns and playgrounds. This artificial grass product has the best value, compared to natural grass and other turf grass products we manufacture.

Artificial Rye Grass

Rye grass artificial turf is a thick turf grass product that is designed for multiple projects. This artificial turf grass is used for playgrounds, recreation, pets, lawns and comes in multiple pile heights.

Artificial Fescue Grass

Fescue turf grass has many benefits and is engineered for multiple locations and projects. This artificial turf grass product will save you money and add year round beauty to your outdoor artificial grass play space.

Artificial Grass Projects

Golf Course Driving Range Putting Greens Childcare Lawns
Bocce Ball Soccer Football Baseball Patios
Rugby Fields Lacrosse Fields Indoor Fields Outdoor Fields Field Turf

Artificial Turf Grass Benefits

Anti-Bacterial Anti-Fungal No Watering No Pesticides
100% Lead Free Minimal Maintenance Environmental Friendly Organic Coloring

  • Specifications

    Artificial turf grass is great for outdoor or indoor recreational projects. We sell artificial grass in the U.S. and worldwide markets. JoGo Equipment products are known for quality and is the only Recycled Artificial Turf Grass surface on the market. If you need manufacturing specifications, installation procedures or other specific information regarding your project, please contact your sales representative for additional information.

  • Nationwide Sales and Installation

    JoGo supplies artificial turf for local, regional or nationwide outdoor projects. We supply artificial grass to residential, commercial, municipal or military clients. Our company has a variety of safe surfacing materials fit for all locations, projects and city budgets.

  • Most Comprehensive Warranty

    JoGo is the number #1 company in the U.S. for artificial turf grass products. Artificial lawns are a guaranteed return on investment and has the industry best 10 Year Warranty on all artificial surface materials. We are dedicated to providing you quality customer service, sales and nationwide installation services. If you need a local artificial turf company in the U.S., contact us today and ask about our Guaranteed Lowest Price on all artificial grass installations.

  • Custom Products Available

    Artificial turf grass is a smart choice. You can use turf grass at schools, churches, parks, daycares, theme parks, playgrounds, recreation, sports facilities, pets, lawns and golf activity.

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