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Playground Equipment Designs Going Too Far

Written by Alex Diamond on Monday, 05 March 2012. Posted in Playgrounds

Unsafe Playground Slide

It has recently been published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission that 900 Slides have been recalled by Landscape Structures this year for complaints and injuries of at least 16 children at local playgrounds in the United States. These playground slides have been the direct cause of 14 fractured arms and numerous hospital visits stated by a report on the CPSC website.

Are playground equipment designs going too far?

After reading the CPSC's online report about Landscape Structures Recall, we have discussed in our office this morning the importance of playground safety and designing safe playground equipment. The playground equipment design by Landscape Structures shown above clearly defeats the purpose of playground safety and deterring children from getting hurt. It seems like the folks over there are designing playgrounds for adults to play on instead of focusing on building playgrounds for kids to play on. It's a shame that those children needed to get hurt for someone to point out that this playground equipment design obviously is not suitable for kids.

Here at JoGo Equipment, we design outdoor playground equipment play spaces that are safe. Our main mission is to keep kids from causing harm to themselves by creating environments which are designed for safety. Playground companies need to take a step back and re-focus their attention on how they design playground equipment before someone else gets injured in your local community.

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