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Rubber Tiles for Playgrounds

Do you need rubber tiles for your outdoor playground project? JoGo Equipment is the #1 manufacturer of quality rubber tiles for playgrounds in the United States. We supply rubber playground tiles with color or EPDM wear layer tops. Playground tiles offer a safe rubber surface for kids that play around or underneath playground equipment areas. We offer many different playground rubber tile colors, sizes and designs that can meet your current theme. JoGo Equipment playground rubber tiles are manufactured with different thicknesses, depending on your playground fall height requirements. Contact us today and order your rubber playground tiles.

Types of Playground Rubber Tiles

We supply a variety of custom playground rubber tiles that are safe and environmentally friendly. Our rubber play tiles are engineered to be ADA accessible and come in two different style tops or wear layers that give the product cushion, style and longevity.

Colored Rubber Tile

JoGo Equipment supplies rubber tiles that come with solid color tops. These playground tiles are applied on top of the crumb rubber layer. Rubber tile colored tops come in red, blue, black, green, gray, brown and yellow.

Info Cost Style Size Depth
Color Tile $18.99 Black 24" x 24" 1.75"
Color Tile $21.99 Color 24" x 24" 1.75"
Color Tile $21.99 Black 24" x 24" 2.25"
Color Tile $25.99 Color 24" x 24" 2.25"
Color Tile $25.99 Black 24" x 24" 2.50"
Color Tile $28.99 Color 24" x 24" 2.50"
Color Tile $29.99 Black 24" x 24" 3.50"
Color Tile $31.99 Color 24" x 24" 3.50"
Color Tile $31.99 Black 24" x 24" 4.00"
Color Tile $35.99 Color 24" x 24" 4.00"

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EPDM Rubber Tile

JoGo Equipment manufactures playground rubber tiles that come with EPDM tops. These EPDM tops are applied in addition to the crumb rubber layer. The rubber tiles come in a wide variety of color, design and combinations with EPDM. Please visit poured rubber playground surfaces for more info on custom installations.

Info Cost Style Size Depth
EPDM Tile $30.00 75% B / 25% C 24" x 24" 1.75"
EPDM Tile $35.00 75% C / 25% B 24" x 24" 1.75"

C = Color / B = Black / % = Percentage: Related to the mixture of colors / combinations.

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JoGo Equipment sells a variety of rubber playground tiles that are custom designed with a specific size and color. You can choose a specific depth for your colored tile or EPDM rubber tiles. Your rubber tile project will require a certain thickness based on the commercial playground equipment fall heights.

  • 24"/24" (standard size)
  • Available Thickness Options: 1.75", 2.25", 2.5", 3.5", 4"


Please consider shipping costs into your budget. You can unload the rubber tiles from the freight truck yourself or pay an additional charge to have the freight company unload them for you.

  • 1.75" Tile = 28 lbs. per
  • 60 tiles per pallet = 1,680 lbs.

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  • Specifications

    Playground rubber tiles are very popular for high activity urban areas. JoGo sells rubber play tiles in the U.S. and worldwide markets. Our playground tiles are known for quality and is the only 100% Recycled Playground Rubber Tiles surface on the market. If you need manufacturing specifications, installation procedures or other specific information regarding your playground tile project, please contact your sales representative for additional information.

  • Nationwide Sales and Installation

    JoGo supplies playground rubber tiles for local, regional or nationwide outdoor rubber tile projects. We sell rubber play tiles to residential, commercial, municipal or military clients. Our company has a variety of playground rubber materials fit for all kids, ages and budgets.

  • Custom Projects

    JoGo playground rubber tiles are a good choice. You can use playground rubber tiles at schools, churches, parks, daycares, theme parks, playgrounds, recreation and sports facilities.

  • Most Comprehensive Warranty

    JoGo is the number #1 company in the U.S. for quality rubber playground tiles. Playground tiles is a guaranteed return on investment and has the industry best 5 Year Warranty on all of our playground rubber tile materials. We are dedicated to providing you quality customer service, sales and playground tile installation. If you need a playground surfacing companies in the U.S., contact us today and ask about our Guaranteed Lowest Price on all playground rubber tile installations

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