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Poured Rubber Surfacing for Playgrounds

Do you need poured rubber surfacing for your outdoor playground area? JoGo Equipment manufactures quality poured playground surface materials in the United States. We offer many different types of poured rubber playground designs, shapes, logos, colors and combinations that can be custom designed to meet your current playground theme. Poured rubber is made on-site from raw rubber materials and are poured in place to different depths, depending on your playground equipment fall height requirements. Contact us today and schedule your residential, commercial, municipal or military poured rubber surface.

We have certified installation companies in all 50 U.S. States, Caribbean, South America, Mexico and Canada.

Poured Rubber Colors

JoGo Equipment supplies a variety of custom poured rubber playground colors for your surface project. We use TPV or EPDM rubber granules for your top wear layer (3/8") and 100% recycled rubber buffings are applied underneath the wear layer to form your bottom cushion layer (1"-5"). This soft flooring system has a sponge like effect to meet critical fall height regulations for childcare licensing.

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Color Combinations

We manufacture a variety of poured rubber flooring materials for custom projects. You can mix and match colors to meet your desired look as well as create custom logos, themes or shapes to enhance the beauty of your outdoor poured playground rubber surfaces.

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Custom Surfacing Shapes

We can custom design shapes, patterns, logos or themes for your poured rubber surfacing project.(Additional Cost Applies)

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Installation Details

JoGo Equipment has quality poured rubber playground materials and specific installation procedures that make our poured rubber playground surfacing the best selling play surface in the United States. You can install poured rubber surfacing over compacted aggregates (crushed stone), concrete or asphalt. Please review the poured rubber playground costs and installation details pertaining to your upcoming playground project.

  1. Prep sub-surface materials for poured rubber playground surface installation
  2. Application of recycled rubber buffings for bottom cushion layer
  3. Application of 3/8" EPDM or TPV rubber wear layer

Cushion Layer

The poured rubber playground floor cushion layer uses 100% recycled tires, processed by JoGo, which produces crumb rubber buffings for your bottom cushion layer. The cushion layer absorbs the fall and varies by depth depending on how tall your commercial playground equipment is rated by JoGo Equipment.

Wear Layer

The wear layer consists of 3/8" EPDM or TPV rubber granules. These solid colored rubber materials give your poured rubber playground unique characteristics. EPDM typically costs more per pound than TPV, which gives you options for budgeting your upcoming poured rubber playground surfacing project.

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Urethane Binding Agent

We have two types of poured rubber playground urethanes that bind the poured rubber surface materials together. The urethane or binder acts as an adhesive, which gives the poured rubber surface flexibility and a soft cushion for fall height regulations.


This clear binder is a premium urethane which makes your poured rubber playground surface durable and gives your poured rubber surface the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, 5 Years. We recommend this binder for 100% color designs, logos, shapes and custom poured rubber playground projects.


This amber binder is a standard urethane which is used for typical poured rubber play surfacing projects. The urethane binder might effect certain color clarity. JoGo Equipment recommends this poured rubber playground urethane for 50/50 or 75/25 (black/color) combinations.

Poured Rubber Surface Cost Comparison

Aromatic Urethane

Info Depth Per Sq Ft Urethane Sub-Surface Cushion Wear
50/50 (B/C) 1.75" $7.75 Aromatic Concrete 1.375" 3/8"
75/25 (C/B) 1.75" $8.50 Aromatic Concrete 1.375" 3/8"
100% (C) 1.75" $9.00 Aromatic Concrete 1.375" 3/8"
* includes material and installation

B= Black : C= Color | Mixture of the color(s) relative to the % it represents.

Aliphatic Urethane

Info Depth Per Sq Ft Urethane Sub-Surface Cushion Wear
50/50 (B/C) 1.75" $9.75 Aliphatic Concrete 1.375" 3/8"
75/25 (C/B) 1.75" $10.50 Aliphatic Concrete 1.375" 3/8"
100% (C) 1.75" $11.00 Aliphatic Concrete 1.375" 3/8"
* includes material and installation

View or download our poured rubber playground Fall Height Chart

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View or download our 2013 Playground Surfacing Catalog

  • Specifications

    Poured rubber playground surfacing is the most popular safe play surface available. We sell poured rubber playgrounds in the U.S. and worldwide markets. Our poured rubber playgrounds are known for quality and is the only 100% Recycled Poured Rubber Playground surface on the market. If you need manufacturing specifications, installation procedures or other specific information regarding your rubber playground surface project, please contact your sales representative for additional information.

  • Nationwide Sales and Installation

    JoGo Equipment supplies poured rubber playgrounds for local, regional or nationwide custom poured rubber surfacing projects. We sell poured rubber surfaces to residential, commercial, municipal or military clients. Our company has a variety of materials fit for all kids, ages and budgets.

  • Custom Designs Available

    Poured rubber playground surfacing is a smart choice. You can use outdoor poured rubber playground surfacing at schools, churches, parks, daycares, theme parks, playgrounds, recreation and sports facilities.

  • Most Comprehensive Warranty

    JoGo Equipment's poured rubber playgrounds are a guaranteed return on investment and has the industry best 5 Year Warranty on all of our poured rubber surfacing that use aliphatic binding agents. We are dedicated to providing you quality customer service, sales and nationwide applications. If you need a local poured rubber playground company in the U.S., contact us today and ask about our Guaranteed Lowest Price on all nationwide poured rubber surface costs.

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