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Sports Bleachers For-Sale

Do you need sports bleacher seating for your outdoor event? JoGo Equipment is the premier manufacturer of quality sports bleachers in the United States. We sell portable bleachers, football bleachers, school bleachers, aluminum bleachers and much more. Whether your a elementary, high school, college, university or a professional sports team, JoGo Equipment is able to accommodate any size crowd and seating capacity. Please choose your sports bleacher system below and contact us with any questions regarding custom sports bleacher designs.

Choose Your Bleacher System

15 Row Bleachers

15 Row sport bleachers can seat up to 330 people outdoors and come with standard aluminum planks.

10 Row Bleachers

10 Row sports bleachers can seat up to 180 people outdoors and come with standard aluminum planks.

8 Row Bleachers

8 Row sports bleacher materials can seat up to 144 people outdoor and come with steel or aluminum frames.

5 Row Bleachers

5 Row sports bleachers can seat up to 90 people outdoor and have optional aisle and ADA accessibility required by local codes.

4 Row Bleachers

4 Row sports bleachers can seat up to 72 people outdoor and come with vertical guard rails that prevent accidents and meet 2012 safety regulations.

3 Row Bleachers

3 Row sports bleachers can seat up to 54 people indoors and come with optional lift and roll transporting for easy setup.

Custom Bleachers

JoGo Equipment custom sports bleachers provide you the ability to have many different lengths, rows, aisles, outdoor, indoor and seating capacities for your particular event.

Portable Bleachers

JoGo Equipment has three portable sports bleacher options. We have highway use, standard mobility (below 10 mph) and lift and roll for indoor / outdoor use.

We do it for the Fans!

  • Specifications

    Our sports bleachers are designed to support local codes, safety regulations, climates, wind and weight capacities. Our sports bleachers can support a live load of not less than 120 pounds per square foot of gross horizontal projection of the bleacher system. All seat and foot planks are engineered to support not less than 125 pounds per lineal foot, over a 6 foot span, multi-span condition. They can resist parallel sway forces applied to seats of 24 pounds per linear foot of seat plank and 10 pounds per lineal foot of seat plank perpendicular. Please find additional bleacher specifications and options below.

  • Guard and Hand Rails

    JoGo Equipment sports bleachers have vertical guard rails that are designed for safety. We have developed guard rails that eliminated climbing, prevent possible accidents and injuries.

    Your local building code may require you to have one or more handrails on your stadium bleachers. Please check your local requirements for specific regulations regarding hand rails.

  • Footboards and ADA

    All of our sports bleacher foot boards meet 2012 uniform building codes. We have manufactured all of our bleachers with 2 foot boards and 1 riser plank that eliminate space underneath seating.

    Check with your local code to see if they require sports bleachers to have wheel chair cut outs. These ADA sports bleacher spaces allow for two wheel chairs and a companion to sit directly beside each wheel chair.

  • Frames and Planks

    You can choose either aluminum or steel for your outdoor sport bleacher structural frame.

    We manufactured our sports bleachers planks to meet 204-R1 standards. JoGo Equipment bleacher planks are made of extruded aluminum - including end caps, clips and walk boards.

  • Important Information

    Please check with state, city or local requirements before ordering sports bleachers such as aisles, guard rails, ADA, height, spacing and other requirements. Building codes may vary by year and issuance groups.

    Uniform Building Code (UBC)

    Standard Building Code (SBC)

    Building Officials Code Administrators (BOCA)

    JoGo Equipment guarantees all sports bleachers and workmanship for the term of 5 years. Claims for defects must be filed within one year, accompanied by the original invoice.

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